The Iron Age roundhouse

The Iron Age roundhouse at the Whithorn Trust was built in 2016, for opening to the public in Spring 2017. It was built on precise details derived from excavations at Black Loch of Myrton, which began in 2015 and continue seasonally. The settlement there dates to approximately 450BC and includes some of the best preserved evidence ever found for Iron Age woodwork, which survived well in the boggy conditions. The wood which survived included large oak timbers, alder posts and woven hazel hurdles, which had been placed on the floor and covered with a carpet of leaf litter.

The excavations promise exciting new insights into the Iron Age in the Machars, where these prosperous farm steadings would have populated the landscape well into the historic period. Two roundhouses were found on the Whithorn Trust’s site in the 1980’s and were approximately 11 metres across.

The Whithorn Trust’s reconstruction replicates the impressive 13.2 metre diameter of the excavated roundhouse and is over 9 metres tall in the centre, above the hearth, which consists of layers of pebbles, clay and a massive stone hearth, just like the original. You can visit the roundhouse and listen to a new audio visual documentary, in which the process of reconstruction is explained, and hear more from our guides.