1. We offer you a warm welcome to worship. In the Priory, refreshments are served in the welcome area after worship. At the Isle, refreshments are served before worship. Join us if you can.

2. Regular Weekly Activities

Sunday – Sunday School / crèche, Priory 10am.

Sunday – Evening Service 7pm Priory

Monday- Scripture Union meets lunchtime, Whithorn School

Monday – Afternoon Bible Study, Priory rooms 1.30pm.

Wednesday – ‘Knit Wits’ Knitting group, Priory rooms, 1.30 -3.30pm.

Wednesday – Bible Study & Prayer Time – the Manse 7.45pm

Thursday – Boys’ Brigade Anchors 5.30pm, Juniors & Company 6.45pm

Monday 10am -12noon, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday10am-3.30pm – Faith, Hope & Charity Shop,

3. Glasserton Church – Please not that, due to electrical issues, Glasserton Church will be closed until necessary work is carried out.

4. Saturday 2nd Feb – Monthly Prayer meeting praying for our community, Priory 7.30am.

5. Sunday 3rd Feb – Services Priory 10am, Isle Church 11.30 am,

                                 Evening Service, Priory 7pm

6. Saturday 9th Feb – Church Family Ceilidh 7 – 10.30pm St Ninian’s Hall, Isle

                                   Adults £4 Family £12 – Please bring your own supper

7. Sunday 10th Feb– Services Priory 10am, Isle 11.30am, both Services led by

                                     Mr Robert McQuistan.   Evening Service, Priory 7pm

8. Sunday 17th Feb– Services – Family Service Priory 10am, Isle 11.30am, Priory 7pm

9. Tuesday 19th Feb – Guild meets, Priory 2pm. ‘Our own thing” Members led meeting.

10. Thursday 21st Feb ‘The Meeting Place’– Soup and tray bake lunch (no charge)

    Isle Church 12 noon – Come along and join some good company – Need transport? Phone 500267

11. Sunday 24th Feb– Services – Priory 10am, Isle 11.30am, Priory 7pm

12. Tuesday 26th Feb – Priory Session meets, the Manse 7pm.

13. Saturday 2nd Mar – Monthly Prayer meeting praying for our community, Priory 7.30am.

14. Hospital visiting – A reminder that the minister no longer has access to the admissions list at the   

             new DGRI. Please contact the minister directly if you wish him to visit anyone in the DGRI.

15. Prayer Chain –    In addition to our weekly prayer meeting, a number of members of

         St Ninian’s Priory have offered to pray for anyone who requests prayer. By telephoning  

         500267 you will then have your prayer request passed on to a number of others who will

         pray for the need requested. Prayer requests can also be posted in the prayer request box in

         the Faith, Hope and Charity Shop.