Although the Machars is now intensively farmed, often for dairying, but also for beef and lamb production, the low population density still means that there is a range of wildlife to be seen.

The visitor will see fallow deer in wooded areas (occasionally, they are a hazard on sections of road, especially at night); there are also badgers, rabbits on the heughs near the sea, and foxes. You will often see families of buzzards circling on the air currents, with their distinctive high pitched cries, kestrels hovering motionless over their prey, and, if you are quick, you may see streaking peregrine falcons creating a disturbance among the other birds.

The gannets dive impressively into the waves, and there are all sorts of gulls and cormorants nesting on the cliffs, and oystercatchers on the pebbly shores.

Lapwings are still seen, usually on ploughed fields in the autumn, and recognisable by their ungainly flight. Seals occasionally surface in inshore waters.