St. Ninians CaveThe South Machars is fortunate in its variety of beaches.

Rigg Bay at Garlieston, entered through the important landscaped gardens of Galloway House, is one of the best beaches for small children.

At Monreith, there is a variety of beaches to choose from. At the St. Medan’s golf course, leading down past the bronze otter monument to Gavin Maxwell , there is a wide bay which can be reached from the golf course car park, and the historic St. Medan’s Church.. At low tide, the beach reaches right over to the lowest houses in Monreith village, just to the north. On a jutting headland, you will be able to see St. Medan’s Well, where water drips gently out of the cliff above ; for centuries, it was known to cure whooping cough.

There is also the “Back Bay”, which is reached by following the road which cuts through the golf course to the car park. Here, if you go as far as the cliffs jutting out into the water, you will find deeper water for swimming. Do remember, however, that the Solway Tides move fast, and you may find yourself cut off if you do not keep an eye.

For those with a head for heights, a small path may be found up over the cliff, which gives spectacular views of the sea and where seabirds may be watched from the top of the grassy cliffs. North of Port William, too, there are also sandy beaches, where you may park on the grassy fore shore, popular with picnickers.

St.Ninian’s Cave or Port Castle beach is stony, but its sea-washed pebbles have a fascination of their own.