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Monreith Animal World Monreith Animal World
Monreith Animal World is an open farm and wildlife centre, spread over about six acres of scenic countryside, on the coast between Whithorn and Port William. It has been open since 1991 and has been under new ownership since November 2001.

The walk round the site is a circular route, beginning at a large pond area where you will find various types of waterfowl and also a peacock enclosure.

Appropriately for a site just near the ancestral home of Gavin Maxwell, the centre has two otters, Lucy and Mij. There are also three different types of owl, including the Eagle Owls with their six foot wingspan and the more gentle Tawny and Barn Owls.

For small children, there are horses, donkeys, goats, chipmunks, Kune Kune pigs from New Zealand, rabbits, guinea pigs and a large variety of aviary birds. The owners incubate chicks and ducklings during the season, baby rabbits and piglets on occasion, so that children can see them at close hand and pick them up under supervision.

The owners are constantly adding new animals, and the latest addition is a pair of Persian Jerds. You will have to visit to find out what they are!

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